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By Bethesda, MD & Springfield, VA Podiatrist, Dr. Paul Ross of The Podiatry Center

Even though the most common cause for calluses is ill-fitting shoes, there are other reasons why you could be developing them on your feet. Foot deformity is one of the most common internal causes for calluses, and though it sounds bad, some mild deformities are very common.

Causes of Calluses: Foot Deformity 

Foot deformities include:

  • Flat feet
  • Cavus foot (a really high arch)
  • Club foot
  • Hammertoes
  • Claw toes
  • Mallet toes
  • Cleft foot

Some of these foot deformities are bad enough to need surgery, but some of them can be corrected or at least managed with custom orthotics. If you do happen to have a foot deformity, you can expect calluses to form on your feet. An extremely common foot deformity is flat feet.

Causes of Calluses: Flat Feet

There are basically two kinds of flat feet: congenital and acquired. Congenital means you were born with it, while acquired means you developed it over time. In the case of flat feet, congenital is the easier version to deal with.

In the case of adult acquired flatfoot deformity or AAFD (also called fallen arches), the arch falls over time and this condition can be painful. Most of the time it can be treated with custom orthotics, but in some severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

The reason why calluses form as a result of this foot deformity is because the foot isn’t the same shape as a healthy foot, so your natural movement may overcompensate for this, especially when you’re barefoot and walking around without any supports for your arches.

Causes of Calluses: Damaged Sweat Glands

Damaged sweat glands can cause calluses, but they’re not the same thing. Unfortunately, many general practitioners have a difficult time with diagnosing this condition as it is easy to mistake for calluses, so if you suspect you may have something other than calluses, it’s a good idea to see a Bethesda, MD Podiatrist or Springfield, VA Podiatrist who can tell the difference.

Porokeratosis is the technical term for plugged sweat glands, which look like sesame seed shaped abrasions. The feet are a common area for this condition to occur, but it can affect other parts of the body, too. Podiatrists can tell the difference between calluses, warts, and porokeratosis, so seeing a podiatrist is your best bet for figuring out what condition you actually have.

Simple Solutions For Calluses

No matter your condition, if you feel that it might get worse or even if you just need to be sure about the condition itself, seeing a podiatrist is your best chance at maintaining the health of your feet.

If you have calluses, don’t ever cut or slice them to get rid of them! This can be especially dangerous if you have diabetes as the littlest infection can escalate very quickly to a need for surgery.

Let us help you! Here at The Podiatry Center, we care about you, your feet, and treating whatever foot condition you may have. Our expertise and friendly staff are just what your feet need, so call us today at (301) 656-6055. We put your feet first!

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