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Are you tired of dealing with bunions that are affecting your quality of life? The Podiatry Center offers fast and long-term relief for patients throughout the Bethesda, Maryland, area.  

Understanding Bunions: Causes & Development 

Bunions can be more than just a cosmetic concern. They're a structural deformity that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. They often result from inherited faulty foot mechanics that cause instability and allow certain muscles to gain an advantage over others. This, in turn, can cause the big toe to drift toward the smaller toes. Factors like narrow, pointed shoes can further aggravate the problem. 

Non-Surgical Treatment Methods for Bunions 

At The Podiatry Center, we offer conservative treatments to maximize your comfort. These include the use of appropriate shoes, custom orthotics, padding, and injection therapy. These methods can help alleviate discomfort and prevent further progression of the bunion. 

Bunion Surgery Options at The Podiatry Center 

For those seeking a permanent solution, we specialize in bunion surgery. Our podiatrists have decades of combined experience and will tailor the surgical approach to your individual needs. Most bunion surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis under sedation, with patients often able to walk within three days with the use of a protective cast or shoe. 

Benefits of Choosing The Podiatry Center 

Choosing The Podiatry Center for your bunion surgery means choosing experienced and compassionate care. Our patients often experience little pain following surgery and can enjoy shoe shopping again without discomfort or embarrassment. 

Schedule Your Bunion Treatment 

If you would like to experience our 5-star-rated podiatric care, contact The Podiatry Center today to schedule a new patient consultation. During your appointment, we will discuss your goals, perform a complete exam and diagnosis, and review all treatment options with you. Let The Podiatry Center help you live a better life with better feet. 

Call our expert for bunion surgery in Bethesda, MD, today to find out more about foot care or to schedule an appointment!

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to podiatry, feel free to contact The Podiatry Center, with convenient podiatry offices located in Bethesda, MD, by calling 301.660.8225 or by clicking here.

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