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Award-Winning Podiatrist In Bethesda, MD & Springfield, VA

Read some of the reasons why people love Dr. Paul Ross of The Podiatry Center:

The office staff and Dr. Ross are superb… When I went there I was limping on my right foot because it was painful …. The staff was calm cool and collective and attentive to my pain. Dr. Ross came in and quickly was able to assess the situation … Applied the corrective action and when I left there was not nearly as much pain as before. After 24 hours there was no pain at all. I was throughly impressed and would highly highly recommend him.


Dr. Ross very pleasant, took his time, thoroughly explaining while showing me visual of
my foot issue on screen

Vera D.5-star

Dr. Ross is very good.  He explained what he would do to solve to problem, and then solved it.  I was very pleased

Bruce M.5-star

You get results and everybody there is kind, caring and professional.  They know what they are doing.

Gretchen P.5-star

The office is very clean and nice. The staff were very friendly. My appointment was early in the morning so there no one else was waiting. I was seen within a few minutes.

Diane I.5-star

It went very well. They are friendly and efficient. The doctor knew right away what the issue was.

Quang V.5-star

This was the second hammer toe that I had fixed.  The earlier surgery was with another podiatrist.  I found this experience to be far better.  It was quick and easy.

Lisa M.5-star

Everything is great with him. He is very knowledgable and thorough.

Sue G.5-star

Dr. Ross is absolutely excellent.  He has treated both myself and my wife for years.  We trust him implicitly and intend to continue as his patients for as long as he, or we, are available.

Jerald A.5-star

ReviewsAaaaaah!  I just found the COOLEST doctor ever!
Picture it:  I am sitting in this lifted chair with toe nail polish missing off of my right big toe in a sterile looking office.  A knock at the door and then enters a man who appers around 50, graying hair, glasses, bright blue eyes, hanes white t-shirt, jeans, and loafers.  I was wondering who on earth this guy was, and while he was speaking, I realized it was the doctor!

He was so gentle and kind; it was a wonderful experience.  He explained how my running was causing my toenail to stop growing and how to help things along.  He also looked at my bunions and worked out a future plan to help those as well.

I will never go to another podiatrist again.  Ever.

Nicole S.5-star

I had to see a foot doctor cause my big toe got infected.  Dr. Ross was fantastic.  He explained to me exactly why it was infected and then performed minor surgery that was so painless.  He then gave me a kit for the foot.  It has healed up well.  If you need a great foot doctor, go see Dr. Ross.  His staff is also great.  He takes United Heath Care insurance.

John L.5-star

I consulted two podiatrists prior to seeing Dr Ross, one who performed bunion surgery without realizing that I had neuromas and hammertoes on the same foot which were contributing to my pain.  After two surgeries (first bunion then neuromas on one foot)  with that one, I looked elsewhere for someone more competent.  Dr. Ross was left in the position of cleaning up the mess. He referred me to post-op PT (something Dr #1 should have done but didn’t) for my left foot and scheduled me for bunion surgery for my right foot–plus removed two hammertoes.  I’m still in the recovery stages but so far everything seems to be going well.  He’ll be injecting alcohol in the remaining neuromas in the hopes of killing them without more surgery, since recovery hasn’t been easy.

I found him to be very knowledgeable and willing to impart that knowledge towards patient education.  The fact that he has a diplomate designation by an accrediting body doesn’t hurt and distinguishes him from those who don’t.

Dr Ross’ staff is wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable, and that makes a difference when you’re frustrated or in pain.


Caring, takes time to explain, and highly recommend!

Jodi W.5-star

How We Can Help

If you would like us to be here for you, Podiatrist Dr. Paul Ross can start helping you in a few ways:

  1. Instantly download his report: Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Choosing a Podiatrist at the top of this page.
  2. Please contact The Podiatry Center at 301.656.6055 with questions or to set up your initial appointment.
  3. Enjoy our gift certificate of $25 toward your first visit by filling out the form at the bottom of our website.
  4. Contact the office with questions via our online contact form.


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  • “Dr. Ross is absolutely excellent. He has treated both myself and my wife for years. We trust him implicitly and intend to continue as his patients for as long as he, or we, are available.”

    - Jerald A.

    best bethesda md podiatrist
  • “Dr. Ross is absolutely excellent. He has treated both myself and my wife for years. We trust him implicitly and intend to continue as his patients for as long as he, or we, are available.”

    - Jerald A.

    best springfield va podiatrist

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